Conference papers

R Williams, K Weiner, C Will & F Henwood (2017) Everyday Practices of Health Self-Monitoring: Exploring Commercial Imaginaries of Self-Monitoring. Practice Theory and Public Health, Lancaster University, 7th-8th September 2017. [abstract and blog]

R Williams, K Weiner, F Henwood & C Will (2017) Tracking Ourselves?: Imagining Users, Shaping Markets. Science in Public 11th Annual Conference, University of Sheffield, 13 July 2017. [abstract and blog]

R Williams (2017) Tracking ourselves?: Methods for exploring everyday health self-monitoring practices. Pyscho-Social Lives as Method, University of Sheffield, 5 July 2017. [information]

R Williams, K Weiner, F Henwood & C Will (2017) Tracking Ourselves?: Imagining Users, Shaping Markets. British Sociological Association Annual Conference, University of Manchester, 4 April 2017. [abstract]

K Weiner & R Williams (2016) Knowledge, care and the practices of self-monitoring. Faculty of Social Sciences Research Conference, Novotel, Sheffield, 13 September 2016. [slides]

K Weiner & C Will (2016) Infrastructuring home blood pressure monitoring. EASST/4S Joint Conference, CCIB, Barcelona, 31 August – 3 September 2016. [slides]

C Will & K Weiner (2016) Blocks and interferences: problems with the flow of blood pressure data, What’s Big Health Data good for? The Open University in London, 29 April 2016. [slides]

K Weiner & C Will (2015) Playing around with blood pressure monitors BSA Medical Sociology Group 47th Annual Conference, University of York, 9-11 September 2015. [slides]

K Weiner & C Will (2015) From knowledge to practice in self-monitoring: beyond narratives of responsibilisation and democratisation. 12th Conference of the European Sociological Association, Czech Technical University, Prague, 25-28 August 2015. [slides]

K Weiner & C Will (2015) The domestication of self-monitoring devices: beyond data practices? Data Power Conference, Cutlers Hall, Sheffield, 22-23 June 2015. [slides]


Other outputs

workingpaper(2017) Self-monitoring for Health: Questions for an Emerging Field. [download]

A working paper drawing together scholarship from digital sociology and media & communication studies with work from Science and Technology Studies and the Sociology of Health and Illness.


factsheetscreenshot(2016) Blood pressure monitoring – pilot interviews. [download]

This document is a quick fact sheet with details from early pilot interviews for the Tracking Ourselves? project. It details methods, recruitment and early findings.