The Team

The research is being carried out by Kate Weiner and Ros Williams (University of Sheffield), Catherine Will (University of Sussex) and Flis Henwood (University of Brighton). We are sociologists interested in the ways that people look after their own health and the place that technologies might have in this.


kate weinerKate Weiner University of Sheffield

Kate is interested in the construction of biomedical knowledge and the interplay between lay and professional knowledge, user-technology relations, and health identities and responsibilities. She has previously undertaken research in the areas of genetics, heart disease and patient’s organisations.



flis henwood

Flis Henwood University of Brighton

Flis’ research interests lie in the design, development and use of information and communications technologies (ICTs) in everyday work and life settings. Her previous research focuses include the creation of primary care electronic patient records, and the information and support needs of carers of people with dementia.



catherine will

Catherine Will University of Sussex

Catherine works on health technology, practices and participation. She is particularly interested in knowledge production – how people experiment or develop their understanding of their world – and the moments when knowledge claims are linked with the negotiation of standards or policies.



ros williams

Ros Williams University of Sheffield

Ros is interested in the production, management, and uses of the data produced through and for health care. Her research to date has focused on racial equity in stem cell provision, how the maintenance of biomedical data infrastructures.