‘Everyday Curation’ at Annual Conference for Media of Co-operation ‘Data Practices: Recorded, Provoked, Invented’ University of Seigen

On the 24th October Kate made her way to the University of Seigen, following an invitation to present on the project findings. The Conference ‘Data Practices: Recorded, Provoked, Invented’ was an annual event for the Media of Co-operation. The conference theme engaged with the current challenges of studying a world saturated with data-intensive technologies. It looked to explore what constitutes a data practice and how digital media technologies are reconfiguring our understanding of these.

Kate presented the project’s paper titled, ‘Everyday curation: attending to data, records and record keeping in the practices of self-monitoring‘. This unpacked the relationship between taking a measure, making a record, and reviewing records. The paper adopts and develops the idea of curation to consider the role of both humans and materials in the production of records, with the aim of nuancing our understanding of the relationship between self-monitoring and the accrual and flow of data.

For more information on the conference, please see the following link: https://www.mediacoop.uni-siegen.de/en/annualconference-2019/