Making connections in Denmark

Dr Catherine Will recently visited the University of Copenhagen to teach on their Masters in Public Health. While there, she met with the team behind a new project called Personalised Medicine in the Welfare State (MeInWe). The project includes work exploring the use of data in personalised medicine. Catherine was invited to meet the team by their lead researcher, Professor Mette Svendsen.

Catherine also attended a seminar on the topic of Appropriating Technologies organised by Aalborg University. The seminar took place over two days, and included a series of presentations on how people make creative use of technologies, how developers engage with users, and how people may engage with technologies in ways unintended by their developers. The organising committee included eminent anthropology researchers with an interest in self-tracking, including Professor Ayo WahlbergProfessor Brit Ross Winthereik, and Dr Dorthe Brogård Kristensen.

The seminar is part of a series of seminars on the anthropology of data, technology and communities.