New paper presented at the British Sociological Association Medical Sociology conference (BSA MedSoc)

Last week, Kate, Catherine and Flis attended the British Sociological Association’s Medical Sociology conference, MedSoc. On Friday 14th September, a special event was held at the conference on the ‘materialities of care’. The purpose of the event was to launch a new special issue of Sociology of Health and Illness, featuring Kate and Catherine’s recent paper.

For this event, Kate and Catherine gave a new presentation, describing everyday record-keeping practices for blood pressure and body mass index, based on data arising from the project. Their presentation explored the role of both paper and digital records in people’s record-keeping practices, and described how charts and visualisation were used by some participants to track themselves. They considered what is made visible to whom in self-tracking practices, and reflected on what self-tracking data may not be accessible to healthcare professionals.

The full abstract of the paper and information about the event is available here.